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Being an Ordinary Person:

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The truth that I am just an ordinary person has always benefited me; wondering how? Well first of all I am not supposed to have a trustworthy opinion on anything; Its certainly good for me as it frees me from great burden of responsibility; Secondly I have the liberty to say and write whatever I want. Being someone significant also brings responsibilities and limitations with it and journalists are lively examples of this limitation; but on the contrary I, who is just an ordinary person, am able to set my own limits myself not some annoying editor or probably readers.

What is this all about?

Well, I think now I should go towards the introduction of the blog. This blog does not focus on a certain niche, yeah because it belongs to an ordinary person. Therefore, dears my intent is to present my thoughts and views on everything I pass by.

Seems creepy? Well I have decided that this blog is not going to cover a particular topic or field but it will cover everything, that may include, news, articles, blogs, books, sports, technology, and not to forget social web. It would surely be a kind of mess but remained assured that it is what I want it to be and yeah I forgot to tell you that I would also be trying to throw in articles related to my field i.e. Visas and immigration.

Well, I was thinking it to be easy to describe what it is all about, but darn it, it is excessively difficult but for the time being this is it about the blog but I hope there will be much to tell you guys soon.

Who I am:

Oh yeah I think I am also supposed to introduce ourselves; okay then! This is Muhammad Ilyas and I am a Pakistani. I am a Study-Abroad and Immigration Consultant by profession and that is it just an ordinary introduction đŸ™‚

Have your say:

If you feel that you have something in your mind that may be categorized as a suggestion, or the possible topic or you, just for the sake of it, wanna curse me; throw an email at ilyas (at) ymail.com , you will be dealt with effectively ;).

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